Wednesday, January 25, 2017

ACT WorkKeys: Validus System Enhancements

As a result of the Career Credentialing National Consortium requests to ACT staff, the following enhancements have been made in the ACT WorkKeys Validus System.

To: ACT WorkKeys Test Coordinators
Subject: ACT WorkKeys: Validus System Enhancements
ACT recently implemented two Validus® system enhancements. This ACT WorkKeys® notice contains information about two new features in Group Management:
·         new search feature
·         new summary report
New Search Feature
Under the Group Management navigation menu, there is a new search feature available. This gives you the capability to search a Validus realm for an examinee’s registration record that you want to add to an existing group.
You can use this feature to search for an examinee that was not previously added through the initial creation of a group or through the Batch Load feature. You may use one or any combination of the criteria below to search for the examinee’s record.
·         First Name
·         Last Name
·         User ID
·         Examinee ID
·         Email
·         Date of Birth
How to Use This Search Feature
To access and use this new search function, take the following steps:
1.     Select the Group Management navigation menu on the left side of the screen.
2.     Use the Search Criteria to search for the group you are interested in adding a user (examinee) to.
3.     From the results, Select your group.
4.     Select the Edit button. Three tabs appear, Group, Users, and Subgroups.
5.     Select the Users tab. Current users assigned to this group will be displayed.
6.     Select the Add button.
Note: The new Search Criteria screen appears displaying the five fields listed above. So rather than paging through multiple pages of users, you may now use the Search Criteria to locate the specific user(s) you need to add to this group.
7.     Enter your Search Criteria (e.g., Last Name of Brown) and then select the Search button.
8.     From the list of results, select one or more applicable users and then select the Add button.
Note: The users should now be successfully added to your group.
New Summary Report
Another new option under Group Management is a Summary Report. This is a report for your group of each examinee’s test scores for the Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information, and Locating Information tests that they have completed. Each page will report on a different examinee within the group listing the ACT WorkKeys tests completed with the scores he or she achieved, unless the scores take more than one page.
Note: The report can only be generated based on the selection of one group at a time.
How to Create a Summary Report
To access this new report option and create a summary report for your group, take the following steps:
1.     Select the Group Management navigation menu on the left side of the screen.
2.     Use the Search Criteria to search for the group, for which you are interested in generating a report.
3.     From the results, Select your group.
4.     Next to the Edit button is a field that displays “More actions.” Select the dropdown and choose Summary Report.
Note: The resulting report will be viewed in PDF format. The top of each page displays the examinee’s name, examinee’s ID, your group realm, and the report date, followed by the examinee’s completed tests and score results as well as an explanation of what the scores mean.
5.     To close the report, after viewing and/or printing it, you’ll need to use your browser’s Back navigation arrow to return to the Group Management screen.
Caution: If you should close the report window by using your browser’s Close Tab function, it will automatically close your Validus session as well.
Contacting Us
If you have questions or comments, please contact ACT WorkKeys Customer Service at 800.967.5539 or
Thank you,
The ACT WorkKeys Team

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