Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Update from ACT Staff regarding NCRC 1.0 and 2.0

ACT staff have confirmed the following information regarding NCRC 1.0 and NCRC 2.0:

The NCRC 1.0 will remain active within our database for 4 years beyond June of 2017.  The tests will change to the 2.0 assessments in June.  So the 1.0 NCRC's will sun-set or retire in June of 2021 when the database goes away.  Again the 2.0 assessments and WCRC will take over all testing as of June 2017. I am still working with our groups here on this issue but wanted to get some information out to you for the sites.

With this confirmation, it is important if you have a student or client who has taken 1 or 2 of the core 3 assessments toward the OKCRC, to ensure the student/client completes the remaining assessments before June 2017 to earn the NCRC 1.0.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact Susan Kuzmic at susan.kuzmic@careertech.ok.gov.

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