Thursday, August 27, 2015

Calling Oklahoma Communities to Action

ACT Work Ready Community Fast Facts - July 31, 2015

• More than 3.06 million ACT National Career Readiness Certificates™ (ACT NCRC®) earned
• 20,557 job profiles completed
• 229 participating counties in 24 states with 60 counties certified, 17 counties maintained and 176 counties at 50 percent or more of their goals
• 10,235 employers supporting ACT Work Ready Communities by recognizing the ACT National Career Readiness Certificate™ , an increase of over 400 employers sinc...e last month
Please visit the website to see updated ACT National Career Readiness Certificate data for all 3,141 counties in all 50 states

Oklahoma has 1 county participating.

Which county/counties will be next to step up and join ACT Work Ready Communities?

Find out how to join by registering for the ACT Work Ready Communities Symposium at

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