Wednesday, January 21, 2015

ACT will retire Career Skills Curriculum on Feb. 1

ACT emailed this information on August 18, 2014,  announcing the retirement of ACT Career Skills curriculum by February 1, 2015.  In case you missed the email, please take note and have students finish career skills curriculum by February 1. 

ACT will fully retire the Career Skills curriculum by February 1, 2015.
Important Product Retirement Information
In April, we announced the launch of the new ACT Soft Skills Suite. This set of five courses addresses the critical skills gaps hiring managers most frequently report. This new product replaces the ACT Career Skills component of ACT KeyTrain
® and ACT Career Ready 101™. We will fully retire the ACT Career Skills curriculum by February 1, 2015.

The ACT Soft Skills Suite is available to current ACT Career Skills users at no additional cost as an introductory offer and an incentive to transition to the new product. Clients that currently use ACT Career Skills may opt to continue with this product through the end of the calendar year, but should be aware that assignments must be completed before the end of January 2015.

Build Foundational Job Skills with the ACT Career Curriculum
The ACT Soft Skills Suite, ACT KeyTrain, and ACT Career Ready 101 curricula continue to be accessible 24/7, every day of the year. These products all help users build the foundational job and employability skills necessary for success at work. ACT Career Ready 101 includes the entire curriculum from ACT KeyTrain and the ACT Soft Skills Suite, as well as additional career-building skills like setting career goals, career exploration, preparing for a job search, and personal financial awareness. The ACT KeyTrain curriculum provides learners the opportunity to develop the skills assessed by ACT WorkKeys
® and the skills necessary to attain the ACT National Career Readiness Certificate™ (ACT NCRC®), the industry-recognized portable skills credential.

We're Here to Help
ACT is fully committed to providing the tools and support to complete this successful migration to the new product. If you have any questions about this conversion, please email us at or call 877.842.6205. Check out our new offerings and sign up for a free informational webinar at

The ACT Career Curriculum Team

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