Tuesday, August 27, 2013

FY14 Oklahoma Career Readiness Certificate (OKCRC)

Statewide appropriations to CareerTech will be used to continue to expand CRC efforts across the state.  The program will continue current operations and processes which include but are not limited to:

1.  Each student/client must be given all three WorkKeys® assessments to have the opportunity to earn an OKCRC.  Individual assessments may not be given on this realm (site license) through the Department of CareerTech’s (ODCTE) contract with ACT. 

2.  Each individual may re-take the WorkKeys assessments only one time. Before re-taking the WorkKeys assessments, the site administrator must verify re-completion in the skill area in CR101 to one level higher than the student/job seeker desires to achieve. A maximum of two attempts may be made using the sites WorkKeys license through ODCTE. After this, the site must purchase and/or utilize their WorkKeys license direct with ACT (the realm that the site pays for the WorkKeys assessments). Failure to comply may result in loss of WorkKeys license through ODCTE’s contract with ACT.

3.  CRC wallet cards are for sale by assessment site for $2 each.  Sites either purchase the cards for all students/clients or for none.  Purchase orders issued in FY13 expired on June 30, 2013.  CRC wallet cards will not issue in FY14 until a purchase order made out to Oklahoma Department of CareerTech for the estimated amount of cards at $2 each is submitted to Debbi Butterfield at debbi.butterfield@okcareertech.org. Assessment sites will be invoiced monthly unless accumulated monthly activity is less than $50. In this case, an invoice will be issued when $50 is reached. Payment is to be made to Dept. of CareerTech upon receipt of the invoice.

4.  OKCRC site administrators are required to have a current OKCRC Information Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement on file with Dept. of CareerTech, CRC office.  Contact Susan Kuzmic at skuzm@okcareertech.org to verify.

5.  Oklahoma WorkKeys® assessment sites, licensed through the ODCTE’s contract with ACT, are strongly recommended to have a current Career Ready 101 license to pre-assess and prepare students/job seekers for the WorkKeys assessments. Sites without a current CR101 license may be removed from the ODCTE’s contract with ACT.

6.  Communication with CRC site administrators is through social media.  Site administrators are encouraged to join the OKCRC blog at http://www.okcrc.blogspot.com, like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/okcrc and follow us on Twitter at @okcrc.

7.  Save the Date—November 5, 2013
     Annual OKCRC Conference
     Moore Norman South Penn Campus
     More details to follow on social media sites

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