Wednesday, January 9, 2013

FY14 OKCRC Self Pay Model

The primary funding for the Oklahoma Career Readiness Certificate (OKCRC) has come from the Oklahoma Department of Commerce and the Oklahoma Department of CareerTech (ODCTE).  Federal and state dollars (with federal dollars making up the bulk of the funding) were the funding sources that allowed this program to grow rapidly. These sources of funding have decreased each year and are coming to an end.

ODCTE has submitted budget requests for FY13 and FY14 to fully fund OKCRCs but there are no guarantees we will receive any funding.  ODCTE will receive notification in late May if these budget requests have been funded.  Because this presents a timing issue with technology center budget planning, we are providing you with our preliminary plans to continue the OKCRC program, with or without funding.  In the event we do receive adequate funds, we will continue operating the program as we have in the past.  If no funding is received, we are planning to rollout a self-pay option. 


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