Thursday, September 27, 2012

OKCRC with RegiSTAR™ number is here!

We are transitioning to the OKCRC with national RegiSTAR identification number. During this transition time, no reprints can be processed. Notification will be posted on this blog when reprints are available again.

The next batch of OKCRCs issued will contain the national RegiSTAR number. The changes include:

1. CRC wallet cards are for sale by assessment sites.

2. The letter to Oklahoma Business that has accompanied certificates previously is now online for site administrators to copy or print and provide to your credentialed individuals.

3. The Next Steps information is now available on, click on the job seekers page button. Click here for the pdf version of the Next Steps flyer.

4. The back of the OKCRC will contain the following activation information for the registered certificate with ACT:

In order to enable employers to verify your certificate, you must activate your account at Once you activate your account, you must follow the steps to give permission for employers to verify your certificate level. Only people to whom you give your certificate number can access your information. For account security, change your password when first signing in. Account activation instructions are available at

Contact me with questions.

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