Thursday, January 5, 2012

ACT Validus Changes Affect CRC Upload Process

CRC Site Administrators--Please review the Validus Enhancement notice posted below. This will affect uploading Validus Data Export Reports to the CRC Statewide Database. To avoid receiving error messages, please hold score uploads from assessments given today and going forward until further notice. Details will be posted to the CRC blog when available. Contact me with questions.

WorkKeys Notice 2012--#1: Upcoming Validus Enhancements

Dear WorkKeys Administrators,

Happy New Year! As we begin a new year, ACT is excited to announce some changes in demographic data collection that will improve our ability to bring added value to our customers. Beginning Friday, January 6, two new demographic fields have been added to WorkKeys Internet Version (WKIV) registration: county of residence and current employment status. Examinees will enter this data online as they begin the WKIV testing process. The process is for Internet testing only; paper-and-pencil testing processes will remain unchanged at this time.

Beginning January 5, examinees will enter their county by using a link on the WKIV testing website. This link allows them to look up their county’s 5-digit FIPS code, which they can then enter in the appropriate field. A list of these codes, with additional information on this process, is also available under References on your WKIV administrator’s site or at the following URL under Administrator Resources:

Beginning in July 2012, examinees will be able to look up their county directly by using a drop-down list, without the need to use FIPS codes.

To indicate employment status, examinees will choose one of the following from a drop-down list:
- Currently employed private or non-profit
- Currently employed local, state, or federal government
- Current high school junior, senior, or recent (12 months) graduate
- College (technical, community, or four-year) student or recent (12 months) graduate
- Current adult education participant or recent (12 months) GED completer
- Current or recent (12 months) active duty military
- Currently unemployed

These two new demographic fields will help ACT to more accurately measure the quality of the local workforce for efforts such as the ACT Certified Work Ready Communities

If you have any questions about this update, please contact us at 800/967-5539 or .

WorkKeys Staff

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