Monday, April 11, 2011

ACT WorkKeys Update to Validus

WorkKeys Users,

This e-mail contains information about enhancements to Validus being introduced on April 15, 2011. A number of changes are being made and the following sections of this e-mail will cover those most relevant to you, including:

-- Reports
-- Tiny URLs
-- User Management

If you believe someone other than you needs this information and has not received this e-mail, please forward it to them.


The following functionality will be added to all reports accessed through Validus:

-- Encryption: All reports will be encrypted to protect all personally identifiable information (PII) contained in the report. This means when an administrator initially tries to open the file they will be prompted to enter their "encryption key." The encryption key can be found in two ways:

1. Under Reports on the left-hand menu, click the "Retrieve Key" button, and then enter your password. The encryption key will appear on the next page.
2. Under User Management on the left-hand menu, search for your own account, click the radio button next to your name, and click “Edit". Then, select the “Security” tab and enter your login credentials. The encryption key will appear on the next page.

The encryption key is unique for every administrator and is valid only for the current month. Every first day of the month, the key will change and the new key will not open reports created during the previous month. When creating new reports, administrators will be warned when they attempt to download a file and their encryption key has changed from what it was the last time they created a report.

-- Navigation: When accessing Reports from the left-hand menu, a selectable list of all the administrator’s created reports will appear. An administrator can also find the "Retrieve Key" button here.

-- 90-day data range: All reports will be configurable to allow a maximum range of 90 days of data.

-- 90-day availability: Created reports will be available for 90 days, then will be removed from the list.

NOTE: All reports accessed through RegiSTAR (MyWorkKeys) will also be encrypted. Information about enhancements to MyWorkKeys will be sent in a separate communication.

Tiny URLs

Three new Validus URL structures will be introduced. These new URLs are much shorter and easier to remember. It is important to start using the tiny URLs because the existing URLs will eventually be phased out.

To access your administrative realm: Enter “” followed by either your site’s realm number or your realm name.


—or— Training Site

To access the examinee realm: Enter either “” or “” followed by either your site’s realm number or your realm name.


—or— Training Site

User Management

Currently, an administrator can edit an examinee’s registration information at any time. After April 15, you will no longer be able to edit registration information after an examinee takes a test and the test status is listed as "Completed." You will need to call ACT at 1-800-967-5539 to make any changes.

Thank you for using WorkKeys.

The WorkKeys Staff
800/WORKKEY (967-5539)

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