Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WorkKeys Paper and Pencil Format

Are you up-to-date with the new ACT WorkKeys assessment booklets, answer folders and Supervisor's Manual?

If your site has any WorkKeys assessment booklets and blue answer folders ordered before August 2010, it is time to return them to ACT and order new materials for upcoming WorkKeys assessments. This previous version of WorkKeys assessment booklets and answer sheets will not score.

Important information includes:
1. WorkKeys orders must be received at ACT at least 3 weeks before your scheduled test date.
2. Use the test booklets only once, and return them to ACT after use.
3. Your site pays for the return shipping of the test booklets.
4. Test booklets cannot be used after the date indicated on the front cover.
5. The new answer folders are red.

WorkKeys answer folders for Express Score are mailed to Susan Kuzmic, CRC Program Coordinator, Oklahoma Department of CareerTech, 13101 S. Pennsylvania Avenue, Box 7, Oklahoma City, OK 73170.

Contact me with questions.

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