Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Look what I found at SKF in Hobart yesterday! Does your community have businesses with "We Require" on their front window?

Thank you to Jerry and Carolyn Sink for the tour at SKF.  The Career and Academic Connections team from the Oklahoma Department of CareerTech had a day of learning and experienced lean manufacturing at its finest level.
Engage your local business and industry with WorkKeys Job Profiles to radically impact their return on investment.  Incentive WorkKeys Job Profiles are available to businesses who qualify.  For more information, contact your local technology center BIS director or Susan Kuzmic at

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Alternate Tests for High School Graduation Requirements

Senate Bill 559 (passed in 2013), Alternate Tests creates certain statutory exemptions to ACE graduation requirements:

If a student scores:
  • 10% above cut scores on ACT or SAT, he/she is exempt from taking EOIs in Algebra II, English III, Geometry and US History.
  • Equal to or above cut scores on AP exams, WorkKeys assessments, CLEP, IB, he/she is exempt from taking EOIs in Algebra II, English III, Geometry and US History. 
Note:  There will be a process to ensure that the exempted test scores will be calculated for teachers in regards to TLE and for schools for reporting on the A-F Report Card.   SDE document for calculations

ACT WorkKeys Internet System Unavailable Posted 2-5-14

Please remember to always check the ACT WorkKeys System Status link before starting a WorkKeys Internet Version assessment.

Posted this morning is:
The ACT WorkKeys Internet system is unavailable at ACT. It is anticipated that this situation could exist for Please try to log in again in 15 minutes.      
This page was posted at : Wed Feb 05 08:17:30 CST 2014
We apologize for this interruption in service and appreciate your patience as we work to return the system to service.


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Employers Look for Skilled Job Seekers

Employers are using the National Career Readiness Certificate to "know" which job seekers have the skills to be successful in their jobs. Watch this video to find out what employers indicate students need to learn in high school to be successful in the workplace.

Monday, January 27, 2014

WorkKeys® Paper Assessment Reminders

Now is the time to order the WorkKeys paper assessments from ACT if your site will be giving CRC assessments in the second semester.  Please remember Dept. of CareerTech will not pay for expedited shipping so allow 2 weeks for the regular "free" shipping.

Site administrators must complete the Barcode Management process before mailing the ACT WorkKeys answer sheets for scoring.

Keep your paper assessments on a separate CRC Site Administrators Log from your Internet version assessments.  Internet Version assessments are submitted monthly after the last working day of the month.  Paper assessment logs are submitted to the CRC Coordinator at the same time the answer sheets are mailed to ACT for scoring. 

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Incentive WorkKeys® Curriculum Profile Deadline

The deadline to submit incentive WorkKeys curriculum profile applications is Friday, December 20.  Submit applications to Susan Kuzmic at or via mail to

Susan Kuzmic
OKCRC State Coordinator
OK Dept. of CareerTech
7301 W. Reno Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK  73127

Contact Susan at 405-312-0887 if you have questions.